Ghosts of their Grandfathers: The Horweens of Chicago

Ghosts of their Grandfathers: The Horweens of Chicago

Made in USA is Personal

At the foundation of our company are loyal partnerships with our amazing manufacturers. Contrary to the old Godfather adage, we strongly believe that “business is, in fact, personal”, and that it’s more fun to work with friends. We’ve also found throughout our collective careers that observing the Golden Rule consistently makes for better business results, better product quality and better service responsiveness. A common theme in these relationships is a shared belief in American manufacturing’s importance to the U.S. economy, to middle class job growth and to the communities where we live. We at CircleRock want to do our small part to keep these plants running and their employment growing.

From our experience, we know that our production partners are among the best in the world at what they do. Nowhere was that fact more obvious than at a recent global trade show in Milan, Italy, renowned in the fashion world as “Linea Pelle”. Skip Horween and our CEO are good friends and go to hockey games together, but in Milan it was “take a number”. Stretching down the hallway, Skip had a line-up of representatives from global luxury brands waiting for their chance to meet with him about leather supplies. These are household name brands globally, or should we say, chateau name brands. What’s more, since the days of Geroge Halas in its formative years, the NFL has relied exclusively on Horween Leathers of Chicago for its DUKE footballs. That’s a lot of proof for assigning the “world’s best” moniker. And Skip and the Horweens are great people, too. You’ll get a sense for his authenticity and sense of humor in this video.

Call the loyal partnership approach old-fashioned. Or maybe it’s just a better way of doing business. We think it’s the latter.