Introduction Note From Our CEO and Founder

Introduction Note From Our CEO and Founder

Warm greetings and welcome to CircleRock! I appreciate you taking a moment with us.

We founded CircleRock to be both an exceptional menswear retailer and a dynamic web community celebrating men of character (the Circle) and their transcendent American values (the Rock). CircleRock exists for men in the arena who, as Teddy Roosevelt famously described, strive relentlessly to accomplish important goals and to live valiantly with Courage, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Leadership, and Engagement.

Across history, Americans have worked hard for improvement. We know the world can be better, and we can do better. That’s what CircleRock is all about. In our product offerings, we want you to look your best at work, among your family and friends, and in your communities. Looking your best means exceptional fits through custom tailoring; it means superior fabrics, leathers, and styling through our partners’ deep expertise; and it means superb quality at unparalleled value through CircleRock’s unique pricing paradigm.

In our web community sphere, we’ll send to you a weekly flow of energizing content, including exclusive in-depth interviews with highly accomplished leaders. These conversations with men “In the Circle” will inspire you, and their perspectives and experiences will be worth learning from, especially these days. We’ll have some fun each week, too — sports, music, history — good stuff.

We also founded CircleRock to build American jobs. We believe that strengthening our middle class in this country is our collective responsibility. Business is at its core a human endeavor and, for us, that has always meant that quality personal relationships are essential. Our suppliers aren’t just some of the best in the world at what they do, they’re also friends and really good people. You’ll feel good supporting them, their companies, and their employees’ pursuit of the American Dream.

“Cultivate Respect” is our motto. We’ll do our utmost to earn yours.

Best wishes,





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