Why Made in USA?

Why Made in USA?

Less than 3% of the clothing purchased in the United States these days was made in this country.  It’s true — over 97% of the clothing bought in America today was manufactured offshore, the vast majority of it in Asia.  Is there a problem with that?  At CircleRock, we think so.  And that’s why Made in USA is our mission, our creed.

Part of the process to craft suits and sport coats at Southwick in Haverhill, MA.

Employment and manufacturing capabilities in this country are like clean rivers and lakes — if we’re not careful, if we don’t tend to them, we’ll be sorry down the road.  Our manufacturing partners are important employers in their communities all around the country — in Worcester, Rochester, Winona, Garland, Haverhill, San Diego, Scottsdale, El Paso, Milwaukee, Chicago, Brooklyn.  One of our partners employs more people in their factory than the population of the town where they’re located. Imagine what would happen to that town, and the region around it, if the plant were to close.

Our Oxford Cloths are grown, sewn, and made in the USA.

The good news in this 40 year tectonic plate shift is that those U.S. manufacturers who’ve survived have done so because they’re really good at what they do.  The weak ones closed down first; the survivors had to up their game to compete. So when you buy Made in USA, you’re buying amazing quality and incredible workmanship.  Our partners are absolutely world class now.

So save some money, save some serious diesel fuel on a Pacific Ocean barge, save some hydrocarbon emissions and ozone, save some jobs and get a great piece of clothing at the same time.  How’s that for a bargain?

CircleRock — Up Your Game.