Blue/Black/White Small Gingham

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Made in the USA

The gingham check is a timeless style, its sophistication being matched only by its versatility. It is the perfect manifestation of boardroom-to-bar style. This blue, black, and white check matches beautifully with striped or patterned ties and a suit or sport coat for the boardroom (watch your colors), but will turn heads at the bar when paired with a 5-pocket denim pant or casual twill slack.

  • Made in USA
  • 100% cotton shirt fabric
  • Pattern size is 12 squares per inch
  • Mother of pearl buttons with Navy highlights
  • Built to withstand repeated washings and ironings
  • Shirt shown with Traditional Spread collar, Breast Pocket, Placket, White Button Hole Stitching, and a Navy Button Hole Thread

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