Brown / Olive Houndstooth Sport Coat

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    Are you jacked like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or maybe built more like Danny Devito? Either way, you’re all beautiful to us. Let us know of anything we need to know to make sure your fit is perfect for you.

Made in the USA

This beautiful Houndstooth calls forth a sunny day with the prairie grasses and leaves turning their fall colors.  It’s a great look for an October or November evening out, maybe dining “al fresco” with the gas heaters nearby.  Like the season’s earthy hues, the coat is a mixture of brown, olive green and a touch of sugar maple orange.  Wear it with navy blue, double black or dark brown pants/jeans, and then top it off with a sky blue chambray shirt or a cloud white oxford cloth shirt.  It’s a “When Harry Met Sally” in the park kind of a coat.

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