Hiawatha Jacket in Olive Suede

Made in the USA

We searched “from the shores of Gitche Gumee to the shining Big Sea Water” for a US manufacturer who could make this jacket for you. Clothing industry experts said that it couldn’t be done in the States, only in Asia.  “The quilting you want is too fine, the stitching around the collar too precise,” they said.  Well, we found that US manufacturer and he rose to the challenge.  In fact, he knocked the cover off the ball. The Hiawatha Jacket has all the coolest details — the gorgeous suede leather outside in Dark Olive or Deep Blue, the subtle and not puffy quilt stitching pattern, the lambskin leather accent around the collar with the leather piping on the pockets, the faux elk horn buttons.  Inside it’s lined with more soft leather and herringbone wool for easy warmth.  Wear this jacket in cool and cold weather. Heads will turn and compliments will flow.

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