Swacket Knitted Wool Blue Blazer

$695.00 $347.50
Made in the USA

Sport coats are taking over even the most serious offices around the country.  So are well-made sweaters.  Here’s a product that combines the two in a really fresh, sharp and completely comfortable way.  Our “Swacket” (a merger of “Sweater” and “Jacket”, but you already knew that) combines an extremely well-knit sweater with a classic blue blazer look.  Soft shoulders, no lining, easy-to-wear and sharp-looking over all of your nicer, long-sleeved shirts.  The is an first look at the future of sport coat construction.  “Skate to where the puck is going” and check out our Swacket.  Made in Italy because they invented it  (our Italian friends are fighting the off-shoring battle, too, so we’re happy to help).  Alla Vostra Salute!

Made in Italy
Two-button front
Patch pockets

Customer Reviews

  1. Mark M

    I have never worn a blazer that feels like a sweater. It was made in Italy, so I was able to try it on and wear it out the same night. Unlike anything I have in my closet.

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